Welcome to Pastry is Art

Pastry is Art Bakery Cafe and Specialty cakes. We pride ourselves on being able to design Pastry as Art presentations which are modern in appearance, and in keeping with the theme of the event. If you can think it, we can create it!!

If you are organizing an event or just feel like having a great lunch or coffee no doubt this is the place to be. We have a nice variety of items to choose from sandwiches, salads or soups to our unique line of desserts and cakes.

We look forward to sharing our passion for good food and service with you, and welcome you as our potential client. We are proud of the time and effort that goes into preparing each of our cakes and pastries and look forward to serving you.

Our Specialties


Cup Cakes


Platted Desserts

Cake Pops



Gluten Free



About the Chef

In the very competitive world of desserts, cakes and pastries, the name Chef Jenny Rissone is fast becoming popular.

As Founder and visionary Director of the dazzling new company Pastry is Art, award-winning Chef Rissone is the artistic genius behind every mouth-watering pastry, every sensuous dessert and each sumptuous cake that Pastry Is Art produces.



Specialty cakes, wedding cakes, mini desserts, desserts, Catering, Breakfast, lunch and cupcakes are some of the services we provide in our North Miami store.


If you have a special occasion to celebrate or a business meeting, our new catering menu offers more to choose from.


Pastry is Art makes fresh, flavorful upscale-casual pastry products prepared from the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. We make everything by hand—from our delicious wedding cakes and flavorful cookies to our mini pastries and desserts